Frequently Asked Questions


How do I arrange a job shadowing placement?

Job shadowing placements are arranged through the Human Resources Department and are usually only for 1 day.

Will I need an NSHA security ID badge?

All students except those placed in the Guysborough/Antigonish areas of the Eastern Zone of NSHA are required to wear their NSHA security ID badge when participating in their learning placement. 

How do I get my NSHA security ID badge?

Once your placement is approved the SLPS office will send security ID pick-up instructions to you directly, or via your Placing Agency.

Where can I park and how much does parking cost?

You can find information about parking at NSHA facilities by clicking on the link below.  Scroll down the alphabetized list of NSHA facilities to find the site you are placed in.  Click “read more” to view the information about parking at the facility.   

Does the hospital have a room/apartment I can stay in?

NSHA does not provide rooms/apartments for students during their placements.