Home Care and Community Care Services

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There may come a time when you or your loved one need help to remain as independent as possible at home and in the community. To access home and community care services – such as nursing care and help with bathing and preparing meals – call us toll-free at 1-800-225-7225. Your Continuing Care Coordinator will arrange your care services with one of our contracted agencies. If you are interested in knowing which agencies we have contracts with, see the list of agencies.

We also encourage you to view A Guide to Receiving Home Care Services in Nova Scotia:

Download PDF guide in English

The Department of Seniors and Long-Term Care funds home and community care services and you can find more detailed information by following the links below.  

Nova Scotia Health supports an evidenced-based, person-centered philosophy called Home First. We know most people want to live at home with family and friends as long as possible. Our goal is to make that happen for more people.

Home First is about providing the care and support you need to stay home. Everyone’s needs are different and change over time. Continuing care programs and services are one of the many supports that provide care where you live.

Sharing What Matters with your Care Providers

When your care team knows as much as they can about you, they are able to provide the best possible care. One way you can help them get to know you is by filling out a Social History and sharing it with them. Please consider filling out this form and sharing it with your care team. (Or you can ask us to give it to them for you.) Learn more about this voluntary form here.