Public Health in the Community

Public health is a key part of our health system.

Our goal is to watch for, identify and address the public health issues that can affect you, your family and your neighbours. We promote health, healthier communities and identify community needs. Public health works in schools, with municipalities and work with politicians and decision makers to create bylaws and guidelines that lead to healthier communities.

We know that what surrounds us, shapes us – our neighbourhoods, schools and workplaces affect our daily lives and impact whether we will be healthy or not. Public health has been around for hundreds of years promoting and protecting health in this way through immunizations, clean water, seat belt laws and working with families to support their needs.

The strategies we support include topics like tobacco control, alcohol, healthy eating, housing and physical activity and community design.

Public Health also offers a number of programs in Nova Scotia schools as part of the Healthy Promoting Schools Initiative; they include Fluoride Mouthrinse Program, Provincial Breakfast Program, Sexual Health Resources and Youth Health Centres.

To learn more about the public health offerings at the schools in your community, please contact your local public health office.